Works on all platforms

Based on HTML5, Mobie eSmart training/education system is designed to work on all terminals, from touch-screen smartphones to tablets, computers and browser-enabled TVs, regardless of their operating system or screen size.

Also works without a network connection

Mobie eSmart is available for mobile devices manufactured by Mobie Oy, or as an offline version on a regular USB stick/Micro SD card, enabling Mobie eSmart to be used even without a network connection. Courses, exams and assignments completed offline can be exported to the organisation’s own cloud service for analysis over a network connection. The use of an offline version allows training materials to be used even in conditions where an internet connection is not available. The unique Mobie eSmart service is also available on USB sticks with military-level data protection for conditions requiring the best possible security.

A personal learning environment

Mobie eSmart Offline also works as the employee’s personal learning environment and portfolio. You can enter personal notes directly to the course materials. You can also include embedded documents to your notes (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF) or photos, videos or voice recordings taken with your own device. This means that when you are viewing the course later, you can return to your notes or perhaps watch a work step you recorded on video.


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